Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

Ranking Cliff Booth's outfits from Best to Worst

1. At number one, we have the iconic Champion t-shirt and Hawaiian Shirt combo.
This one's unbeatable and just iconic, I literally want it in my closet.
2. Suede Tie Up Shirt from the Cafe in Spain scene.
While this scene was pretty sad with Rick telling Cliff they're gonna part ways, the outfit however was bangin'. Love seeing a peek of Brad's chest. The hair piece is controversial but can always picture him without it.
3. White Denim set from the Out of Time scene.
So sleek, so beautiful. Even without the white jacket he looks really fucking good.
4. Double Denim set from the start of the film.
Denim and Cliff Booth can't ever go wrong.
5. The orange wetsuit from the boat scene with Cliff's late wife.
It just works! (Let's ignore the context of the scene and just enjoy that look.)
6. 3 piece suit from the set of Green Hornet.
The hair piece is still an acquired choice but the rest, magnificent! Also very practical for hand-to-hand combat.
7. Yellow Lions Tee and Jeans
Part of the flashback with Randy and Bruce and as much as Cliff and Denim can never go wrong this one was just too basic. Still very loveable.
8. Outfit from the Bounty Law interview.
A little forgettable for me. I'm sure he looked very good.

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