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  • Don't Listen

    Don't Listen


    Very much by the numbers, but solid entertainment just the same.

    Not quite sure what their point about witches/the inquisition was... Lorenzo says: "well maybe she really was just an evil witch". So that's that sorted then ;)

  • Tomorrow's a New Day

    Tomorrow's a New Day


    Not a film to watch if you're feeling a bit blue because it will tip you right over the edge. I found it almost relentless in its sadness.
    Mastandrea plays Tommaso, who flies back to Rome from Canada for one final visit to his old friend Giuliano, played by Giallini, who is dying of lung cancer.
    While I am a huge fan of both Giallini and Mastandrea, I would be the first to admit that Giallini has pretty limited range…

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  • The More the Merrier

    The More the Merrier


    Why am I wasting my time watching any film that does not have Jean Arthur in it?

    A scrumptious sugarpuff of a film in the best possible way: I adored it. Jean Arthur is absolute magic. She has such a talent for comedy, both physically and in her delivery, and I love everything about her. She looks so cute here, too - in her work outfits, in her stripey pyjamas, and that supercute playsuit when she's up on the roof!…

  • On Dangerous Ground

    On Dangerous Ground


    I knew I was going to love this right from the start. Sometimes I just get that feeling; everything seems right.
    This is a film of two parts, the first being an excellent study of the dark heart of the city. It's a beautiful start, like a textbook of noir, with some great dialogue too. It shows Robert Ryan's character struggling with loneliness, rage, and rank cynicism, drowning in the darker side of human nature that he comes into contact…