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  • Rebecca



    I'm not incredibly well-versed in the genre, but I can see why this is cited as the genre-defining gothic melodrama. It's got beautiful sets and costumes, luscious music, style to spare, plus secrets galore, and an old house with plenty of fog. The acting is also terrific; this is the first time I've watched Joan Fontaine, and she's terrific, with just the right level of vulnerability. It occurs to me but this character trope common in romance stories - the…

  • Persona



    For such a deliberately obtuse movie about two women stuck in a house together, this was quite fun to watch. I never felt bored, and I was absorbed in it on a scene-by-scene basis. I'm not sure what it adds up to, but I'd happily watch it again - or rather, having in on while I do other stuff.

    However, there is no getting away from the fact that this is essentially the exact kind of 'art' films I used…

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  • Miss India America

    Miss India America


    These kind of low-key, low-stakes, character-based dramedies are good for telling universal human stories in an interesting milieu. In this case, I was interested to learn about Indian American culture, but honestly, you could have made this movie with all white people and the specifics of the plot could have remained the same. That's not a criticism; I see that as a good thing, as it demonstrates that it is possible to make a film with people of colour, detailing…

  • Booksmart



    Hysterically funny and relatable despite the exaggerated nature of the characters and their world. It doesn't go as overboard in depicting teenage depravity the way movies of old - or even like Superbad, this film's obvious progenitor, did. Instead it hits a kind of emotional verisimilitude. It combines the best parts of Edge Of Seventeen - specially, stressing the importance of female friendship - and Blockers - giving young women agency in their own self-discovery.
    It also has some of…