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  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    i watched the last 30 minutes of this a few summers ago with gibby and felt really moved, despite not knowing exactly what was going on. knew i would have to wait a bit to watch the whole thing because i knew it would really get me

    now, after seeing it all the way through it's amazing just how much buildup there is to that scene! not even in like a plot sense, but i guess more of a buildup of tone and feeling, you know? everyone starts at nowhere before they get somewhere i guess

  • Eraserhead



    in the summer of 2017, i spent every sunday night at 8:30 running home from my job to catch the new episode of twin peaks: the return. i remember sweating in my room, dusk just setting in, and watching episodes that i would later read discussion threads in a facebook group called twin peaks logposting in order to process what just happened

    up until that point, the only thing i had seen from DL was TP and fire walk with…