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  • Narcolepsy



    Triple-exposure meditation on water, ritual, survival, babies, sleep. It can be hit or miss with these types of works and often prolificness helps the artist: what hits for some misses completely for others, and only a few become transcendent. This isn't transcendence, but it has some OK segments.

  • The Atomic Submarine

    The Atomic Submarine


    Is this the inspiration for Kang and Kodos Johnson?

    The pace is as glacial as the Arctic location, but the silly sets, “electro-sonic” score and great miniature work makes this a fun 50s goof.

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  • Airplane Mode

    Airplane Mode


    I was feeling masochistic, ok?

    This garbage is about as abysmal as you'd expect, homophobic, transphobic, sexist and racist in various nonsensical configurations that defy understanding in a film ostensibly aimed at tweens. The lowest low for me, among an endless string of bottom-feeding moments, was the disingenuous reference to the Japanese suicide forest video. But maybe that's the key to the mentality displayed here: if Paul feels like no one will take him seriously, why not just be a…

  • The Sissy

    The Sissy


    So conflicted: on the one hand its literally Foodfight-level CGI incompetence, awkward and horrible to look at. On the other hand it offers a justification of Christianity so thin, atrocious and unconvincing that I am desperate to meet anyone actually converted by its argument and presentation. Truly, the banality of evil.