Resident Evil: Apocalypse ★★★

This always felt like the franchise nadir on previous watches due to its videogame cutscene plotting, music video editing and the sexy but laughable Sienna Guillory channelling pure oak. But after the recent watch of the franchise starter, this one suddenly feels the most like the videogame franchise we all know and love (well the first three games anyway).........

The film has some great scale to it, both in terms of number of extras and cast and in some still pretty great setpieces (Jovovich running down that skyscraper and outrunning that twin helicopter attack both look admittedly cool if having no plot relevance whatsoever). Suddenly we feel that are in Raccoon City and the film at least tries to pay lip service to especially RE2's locations and RE3's vibe ('NEMESIS!!!").

Jovovich is still mostly confused in an even more ludicrous outfit but she can still kick ass and the addition of Oded Fehr adds a touch of suaveness to the faceless STARs Team that crop up just to be zombie/bullet fodder. And I can at least make peace with Guillory who was obviously given nothing to research her part but the actual videogames, her delivery and lines hilariously naff. She rocks that apocalypse-appropriate boob tube though........

The plot still brings in too many randoms and its 'new location > plotpoint A > new location > plotpoint B > etc' structure hoves too close to an actual videogame narrative that it teeters uncomfortably close to boredom on a few occasions. But Alexander Witt directs it like an Xbox addicted puppy dog, never stopping to think, never stopping at all in fact and it ends up being big, dumb fun that with its final shots starting to bring in the ever more complex and convoluted mythos the later entries are famous for.

Entertaining......but only just.

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