The Grinch ★★★½

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I'm not a huge Dr Suess fan it must be said. So I'd obviously steered well clear of all other adaptations of the traditional grumpy old grouch and his Christmas redemption tale.

But this one (yes the one with Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular green-skinned grump) was a most pleasant diversion - even if it did entertain me far more than the more junior members of the audience. The story was obviously Illumination-ed to its eyeballs - same sort of character designs for the Who's, who all looked exactly like the rugrats from Despicable Me - but yet it stopped short of doing what almost every other film from the studio has done: place an overreliance on characters at the expense of the story.

Obviously being an adaptation, it had far more story than those previous films, but it didn't feel drowned in obvious comedy character beats. I thought this was perfectly decent and charming stuff - the Grinch's diabolical plan was given some depth, his redemption felt somewhat earned and come the heartwarming Christmas dinner climax I didn't want to instantly turn it off and tell my daughter that Santa didn't really exist......sorry, should I have spoilered that?

Not bad at all.

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