Lochlan Ashton

Lochlan Ashton


□film student■ 22
"Nothing like a good shit! Do you believe in God? That's the wrong question. Does God believe in us?" (LA HAINE 1995)

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  • Loving Vincent: The Impossible Dream

    Loving Vincent: The Impossible Dream


    Interesting documentary about a stunning films. I knew a lot of the stuff that was said but wow how they made this film is great. The documentary made me appreciate the film even more.

  • Melancholy Man

    Melancholy Man


    There were moments where I was getting Guy Ritchie vibes but also Edgar Wright vibes. I really enjoyed this one more than Pulchritudinous but that one did have some stunning cinematography. This still had some really clean visuals and the performances are good. Love the soundtrack too, it fit the film perfectly. Can’t wait to see what Lucas has in for us.

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