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  • To Live and Die in L.A.
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  • Halloween




    John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN is a great film, noted for it's minimalism. It takes place over one night. It's killer, the shape, has little backstory beyond that he kills. There is little blood. It's darkly lit, inviting your mind to fill in the blanks and create a deeper horror than is actually depicted. Rob Zombie's film takes a different approach. He wants to explore those blank spaces. He goes wild in these zones creating disturbing…

  • Antebellum



    HOOPTOBER 8.0 Film 10/20

    GOBLIN' Up These Horror Films! 18/666

    ANTEBELLUM is completely miscalibrated on nearly every level. It is if Saw 2 decided to be Oscar bait. Not even Janelle Monae, one of our great artists, can save it. It is a film that wants to scream it's message loudly, but forgets to have much of one. Features a much hyped twist, which is really more of a premise that they decided to frame as a twist rather than explore it.

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  • Out of Time

    Out of Time


    I'm not a complicated person. I didn't know anything about this but I rented it because it's cover had Denzel Washington in a Hawaiian shirt holding a gun. It mostly delivered.

  • Carol



    I've NEVER wept at the end of a film like I did with this one.

    Being a young girl in the 1950s, experiencing this, Rooney Mara's character must have felt like she was on mars. Who knew life could be like this?

    Filmmaking at the highest level. How did they do it? Todd Haynes has built an emotional computer or some shit, so many wires, all working together, all perfectly placed.

    I don't know man, shit. It's real good.