• Parallel Mothers

    Parallel Mothers


    What are you going to name it?

    If it’s a girl, Ana.

    The perfect closing night to my first year at NYFF. This has one of the most powerful ending shots in an Almodóvar film, and two phenomenal performances. 

    Q&A with Pedro Almodóvar, Penélope Cruz, and Milena Smit 

    A treat to be able to see this. The best part of the Q&A was when Penélope Cruz said that Almodovar had the idea for the story way back when they were in New York doing press for All About My Mother. This masterpiece was twenty years in the making!

  • Memoria



    Q&A with Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Tilda Swinton

    It can be a great thing to experience films at home, but this should not come at the cost of the experience at the cinema. 
    - Tilda Swinton

    When I first posted my log a couple of hours ago, I four starred this. But I just can’t stop thinking about. It’s so beautiful. Also I completely agree with Weerasethakul’s decision to release the film in cinemas only and never on streaming. If there…

  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights


    My fucking wife has an ass in her cock over in the driveway, alright? I’m sorry if my thoughts aren’t with the photography of the film we’re shooting tomorrow, Kurt, ok?

    Lol, I remember the very first time I heard that I rewinded it like three times. I love how he left that in, because it makes perfect sense in the context of the scene that he misspoke.

    What can I say though? Utter perfection. It had been a really…

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    No crying in my office.

    The second story is weak, but Jeffrey Wright’s narrative definitely redeems the film. Benicio Del Toro was a standout as well. I also really enjoyed the climax of the film and the animation, but I’m not going to give anything away. See it when it comes out. 

    Also it goes without saying, but the set design is immaculate.

  • Vortex



    Grandpa and Grandma have a new home?

    No, homes are for the living.

    Absolutely devastating third act. I was a bit unsure of the film in its opening because it really tests your patience at first, but I definitely warmed up to its style and I was invested by the end. Dario Argento and Françoise Lebrun are excellent. The slideshow depicting all of their years together hit me hard. The film earns that moment for sure.

  • The Many Saints of Newark

    The Many Saints of Newark


    As far as your nephew goes….

    I’m listening.

    Stay out of his life. 

    This was long anticipated. Had a good time this afternoon. I was surprised by Vera Farmiga, because at first I was unsure of her casting, but
    I could definitely see a lot of Nancy Marchand’s mannerisms in her performance. Everyone was good tbh. Only thing I’ll say is that Jon Bernthal was slightly underutilized. 

    I definitely recommend re-watching the episode Down Neck before seeing this. This film deals with the flashback where Tony follows Janice and Johnny Boy to the amusement park.

  • Titane



    You are my son. Whoever you are.

    This second viewing was just as great for me as last week’s premiere. I am already thinking about when I will see this again. 

    Honestly one of the best opening acts to a movie I’ve ever seen. The first time she has sex with the car is played out so well. The sound she hears in the shower prior to that is bone chilling.

  • Titane



    Q&A with Julia Ducournau, Agathe Rousselle, and Vincent Lindon.

    What an amazing experience. I recommend you don’t read anything about this prior to seeing it. It was perfect going in with almost no knowledge of the story. I can definitely see the influence of Crash in this, but at the same time it progresses into something more than it initially appears.

    The Q&A after made me appreciate it even more, and raised some very important points that got me thinking. My…

  • Benedetta



    It’s fine. I had to be betrayed. 

    I am sincerely blown away. Speechless. I waited three and a half years for this and it lived up to everything I was expecting. Jaw dropping.

    My first screening at NYFF!

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    This is the girl.

    Still catching my breath. 

    Tonight was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a theater. I don’t even know where to begin. This was probably my fourth or fifth viewing, and it was definitely the best one.

    Rita is the relationship Diane wanted with Camilla. In her fantasy, Camilla’s name is Rita because Diane created an image of her where Camilla was not an actress. An image where Camilla (Rita) loved Diane (Betty) back…

  • Strange Days

    Strange Days


    You love the Red, White, and Blue….
    but you hate the Black, Black, Black.

    In my log of LA 92 last year, discussing the summer of ’92 after those four officers were acquitted in the brutal beating of Rodney King, I mentioned how I found the ending of that film deeply profound because it showed us how nothing has changed at all. The same can be said about Strange Days, and it is a reflection of the world we are…

  • New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel


    Everybody’s dying of the same exact thing. It’s definitely some sort of virus. Someone must’ve reprogrammed the DNA synthesizer. 

    Haunting. The final act will always be so haunting. And in the theater!!!! Jfc. Particularly the shot where X looks at the footage of the man slowly taking the card out of the machine and falling to the floor. And his realization and memory of opening Sandii’s passport and seeing that card immediately following that shot.

    If Hosaka has the most…