• Street Thief

    Street Thief


    Yeah not a bad film, its gritty looks real, well I supposed that's the point with it being found footage. Lol wasn't to jazzed about the ending they could of made it so much better, oh well.. overall defo worth a watch. 2:05AM

  • Redwood



    This was a-bit of a let-down, ok i lied it was a really big let-down!. didnt think much of this one at all. Is a shame as ive been looking forward to viewing it. There were a-couple of ok scenes but overall it was a disappointing movie.. Oh well. 1:20AM

  • Ryde



    2:09AM i actually enjoyed this one. There seems to be a-lot of negative reviews for this, but like i said i enjoyed it and isnt half as bad as what people are saying about it. Imo. Defo worth a watch.

  • Killing Ground

    Killing Ground


    2:31 AM was an ok movie it had a-lot of tension, makes the viewer feel on the edge as to whats goin to happen next. Defo worth a watch.

  • Veronica



    1:59AM really dont understand what all the hype was about, it wasnt great but it also wasnt absolute crap! It was meh...

  • Terrifier



    2:05AM wow.. Absolutely loved it! I'm a proper gore hound & have a soft spot for the retro vibe. And this had both. Art the clown is a breath of fresh air to the genre, the first time i came across art the clown was in the 2013 movie "all hallows eve" and ever since i saw art's in that movie i just wanted to see more of him and boy oh boy do we get more! I dare say that…

  • John Wick

    John Wick


    1:40AM absolutely love this film! Just watched it for the 2nd time and ..wow! Still blows me away. " Beware the boogeyman"

  • Insidious: The Last Key

    Insidious: The Last Key


    1:09AM was a good horror, well as far as horror movies go anyway, but as part of the insidious franchise it wasnt as good as its predecessors. Would still recommend watching it.

  • Headshot



    2:19AM you know its goin to be a good knuckle pounding action movie when Iko Uwais in the movie. Enjoyed this one.

  • Slumber



    1:32AM good film, ive always been fascinated by sleep paralysis, so i had a feeling i'd enjoy this one.

  • The Ritual

    The Ritual


    1:55AM good film really enjoyed this one.

  • Still/Born



    Started off great, with the story & the tension! But unfortunatelly it started to fizzle out. And dont get me started with the ending! Lol such a shame i had high hopes for this one. 2:10am