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  • Manhunter



    eye of the tiger

  • My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

    My Left Eye Sees Ghosts


    bonkers, To masterfully weaves absurd comedy with beautiful human characters. some surprising visuals too, the use of CGI is limited but they definitely make the most of it. Sammi Cheng is wonderful, her performance elevates what could've been an annoying character to a deeply relatable and human one. Last third is some of To's best work, highly recommend this to all

    man....every time I think i'm gonna watch a To film that's weaker than the likes of election or throw down im blown away, truly one of my favorite filmmakers

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  • Bamboozled



    confrontational, powerful, satirically genius and relevant. the images at the end evoke so many harsh emotions, the bitter injustice of the misrepresented view towards black people has never been more well represented. deserves every angry, uncomfortable moment, this film will live forever. spike not only potrays racism, but also sexism, social class representation/juxtaposition, view on media's misrepresentation of "satire" and the manipulation of race to justify offensive content. the characters changing their perspective on the show in different ways created…

  • Joker



    This movie...

    Ugh I don't know, know that I went in wanting to really like it, I love dark character studies and the trailers made this look promising with great looking cinematography and Joquain Phoinex guaranteeing an interesting performance.

    But holy shit, I forgot how badly movies needed substance, clear messages, and good will behind them. This film in no way educates or enlightens the audience, it simply takes basic notions grounded into society and enforces that to make it's…