2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Im in love with this, everything was made with such care and delicacy. The story, even though it is confusing, is a masterclass on visual storytelling, because most of its story is told by the INCREDIBLE visuals. Talking about the visuals I might say this is the best looking film i’ve ever saw, Every shot is gorgeous, The set design and costumes are so new and fresh, the colors are vibrant and futuristic, the lighting is so thoughtful, the blocking and shadows add the dramatic tone, and I love how he uses perspective to show how grandiloquent the universe is and the story his telling, I love the symmetry and we’re lucky this is a pre-digital movie because I love how film looks. All the metaphors and symbolism is so profound and I just finished watching in, so i still have a lot to develop about my thoughts. All the actions are built, that meaning the shots are long, because with see the beginning, middle and end of the action, bringing and enormous realism and sense of time to the storytelling, you see how everything was thought carefully. And the sound in this movie, how it shifts between silent and noisy, the classic soundtrack and HAL’s soft voice. This truly is the greatest Sci-Fi of all time, staying fresh and new until modern days