Collin Brinkmann

Collin Brinkmann

Just gonna use this as a place for rough thoughts on things--star ratings are purely polemical and no word is final.

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  • La Notte

    La Notte


    the most beautiful black & white movie? it's gotta be up there...

  • Match Point

    Match Point


    this is hands down the best new-to-me film I've watched in 2021

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  • Mank



    why do you love me?

    With Fincher it always comes back to this: loneliness, plus its attendant causes and effects -- alienation and self-isolation, ambition and failure, love and disappointment, desire and loss, etc. etc. The questions of why certain people stick around and others leave when someone is who they are and does what they do. I find Mank and his wife's relationship quite moving, and as such is a great example of how Fincher subtly operates with this…

  • Tenet



    A third of the way through I thought to myself that (despite the lack of competition) this was probably going to be the best movie-going experience of the year; two thirds of the way through I thought this could potentially end up being the best movie-going experience of the still young decade; as I was walking out of the theatre I had little doubt that this was the greatest movie-going experience I've ever had. Underneath my mask I had a…