Thunderball ★★★★

"Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead."

Rewatch Review: While an objectively well made, epic film, there's always been something about 'Thunderball' that didn't sit right with me and has had it ranked, for me, in the latter half of the series. I don't know why - the pacing, perhaps, where the film takes a long time setting up and getting to the meat of the interactions, along with the action feeling a bit tired and overly long at times, particularly the multitude of underwater sequences. It still has plenty of highlights, though - the Shrublands scenes, the score, the cast of characters, both allies and villains. I always hope the day will come where a particular viewing just clicks for me and I love it as much as some of the other Connery installments.

New 2019 ranking:

1. DN
2. GF
4. TB

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