Thunderball ★★½

"Some men just don't like to be driven."
"No, some men just don't like to be taken for a ride."

2021 Bondathon/Rewatch Review Before 'No Time To Die': Terence Young returns for Connery's weakest and lengthiest installment yet, 'Thunderball.' It has its moments of tension and epic scale but when these sequences overstay their welcome and bog down what could be a fun, tropical mission, I'm ready for the credits to roll sooner rather than later. The PTS is weak and ridiculous, tossing in flair and even a sci-fi element that's really unnecessary, the SPECTRE scheme that follows takes way too long (though the Shrublands scenes are great), and the rest is very hit or miss. Some bits of the score are brilliant, I really love Bond's team of allies here, along with the score of henchmen and women that are dastardly and cruel. Sadly, these bits don't save the overall picture and it usually ends up the worst of Connery's era for me.

2021 Bondathon Ranking:

1. Dr. No
2. From Russia With Love
3. Goldfinger
4. Thunderball

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