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How I Letterboxd: Todd Vaziri

Visual effects champion Todd Vaziri talks about his passion for cataloguing the art form he loves, the anxiety of choosing four favorites, and why blockbuster Hollywood filmmaking doesn’t have to be brain-dead drivel.

Save Yourselves! Directors' Apocalypse Selections

Eleanor Wilson & Alex Huston Fischer—the writer-director team behind indie alien-invasion rom-com Save Yourselves!—tell us about the apocalypse films that made the biggest impact on them. Save Yourselves! is out now on VOD, and in US theaters where possible.

How I Letterboxd: Cinemonster

Hooptober’s head honcho opens up to Jack Moulton about his love for Texas-born horror director Tobe Hooper, the joys of running Letterboxd’s most beloved Hallowe’en community challenge, and the “terrifying, magical” experience of seeing Frankenstein at the age of four.