How I Letterboxd: Todd Vaziri

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Visual effects champion Todd Vaziri talks about his passion for cataloguing the art form he loves, the anxiety of choosing four favorites, and why blockbuster Hollywood filmmaking doesn’t have to be brain-dead drivel.

“A movie someone thought was arthouse garbage as a kid might end up being an absolute revelation when seen as an adult. It’s okay to evolve.” —Todd Vaziri

If you follow Todd Vaziri on Twitter (and you ought to), you’ll learn more than you ever knew you could about the art and craft of VFX. A long-time Letterboxd member, who finds his Letterboxd diary most handy when recommending movies to others, Todd is a lead artist and supervisor in the VFX industry, with a résumé that includes films in the Star Wars, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible and Transformers franchises.

He’s also an advocate for the VFX industry, taking the time to research and explain where digital effects have been used, even when viewers are convinced they haven’t. No matter what tools they use, all crew members are artists collaborating to bring a vision to the screen, he tells Jack Moulton in this edition of How I Letterboxd. So, do Todd a favor and put the old practical-vs-visual effects “non-argument” to bed.

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