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  • Street Trash

    Street Trash


    This might be one of the nastiest fuckin flicks I've seen in a while. It's low budget yet looks surprisingly good, seriously there's excellent creative lighting and the gore and dirt is all in focus for yall. The practical effects are incredible! (in a cheesy nauseating way) and the camera work at times has creative engertic motion to it (reminds me of evil dead). Great sets and actors chewing them up with just all around solid production design everywhere but…

  • Perri



    Imagine if you took nature documentary footage and made it into a old style disney film about a little squirrel named Perri and the natural forrest world around her.
    There's songs and the narrator rhymes almost every line here, its ridiculous yet I couldn't stop watching.

    I wonder how they shot this in 57' because there's a lot of amazing action shots, real up and personal material on an assortment of critters. I don't know if they're extremly lucky or…

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Happy Halloween, just got finished watching this for the first time today with my friends. And Holy Shit was this an insane movie, really freaky and within 10 minutes this movie goes into one of the most chilling anxiety-inducing horror films I've ever seen, the gore and otherworldly gooey figures are easily some the best I've ever seen in my fucking life!
    Honest to God, this whole movie holds up wonderfully more so then any horror flick with intense gore…

  • The Trial of the Incredible Hulk

    The Trial of the Incredible Hulk


    Cool old school marvel crossover between Daredevil and The Incredible Hulk. As far as I can tell this is a tv movie continuation of the original live action Hulk series starring, Bill Bixby & Lou Ferrigno.
    I mostly wanted to see this because I'm a big fan of Daredevil and I'm on a prime free trial, it's surprising decent. The actor playing Matt Murdock is actually solid, I've never seen the hulk show and im suprised how great both actors are…