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  • What Happened Was...
  • King of New York
  • Metropolitan
  • Eyes of Laura Mars
  • After Hours

Apartment Envy in New York City | Criterion Channel

19 films

Start spreadin' the news: These are on-screen apartments we envy in New York City. Whether for their locale in the…

  • The Learning Tree
  • One Night in Miami...
  • The Red Shoes

December 2021 New Releases | Criterion Collection

3 films

In 1969, legendary photographer Gordon Parks became the first Black director to make a Hollywood studio film with a spellbinding…

  • West Side Story
  • Moonstruck
  • Mr. Jealousy
  • An Affair to Remember
  • The Crowd

New York Romance | Criterion Channel

12 films

From Grand Central Terminal to the Metropolitan Opera, there’s nowhere like New York to fall in love.

All films now…

  • Super Fly
  • The Immigrant
  • The Crowd
  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
  • God Told Me To

September 2021 Newly Added | Criterion Channel

155 films

This September, we’re celebrating the city that never sleeps with one of our biggest series yet, a century-spanning survey of…

  • Anatomy of a Murder
  • Compañeros
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • Long Train Running: A History of the Oakland Blues
  • Hitch Hike

Leaving September 30 | Criterion Channel

64 films

Here's every film leaving the Criterion Channel on September 30. View the list on the Channel here.

Updated: September 1,…

  • Citizen Kane
  • Once Upon a Time in China
  • Once Upon a Time in China II
  • Once Upon a Time in China III
  • Once Upon a Time in China IV

November 2021 New Releases | Criterion Collection

9 films

This November, we celebrate Orson Welles’s dazzling, history-making debut and bring together Tsui Hark’s epic, five-film cycle that revitalized the…

  • The Kid
  • Rififi
  • Bitter Rice
  • I Am Curious (Yellow)
  • The Night of the Hunter

Nathan Lane's Closet Picks | Criterion Collection

13 films

Much to our delight, the irresistibly sardonic Nathan Lane recently took a trip inside our films closet to regale us…

  • The Swimming Pool
  • Summertime
  • Crazed Fruit
  • The Long Goodbye
  • Visions of Eight

Films that Feel Like Summertime | Criterion Channel

52 films

This list is an ode to the joys, passion, thrills, and heat only summer can bring. Between electrifying dramas, sizzling…

  • Summer Hours
  • Frances Ha
  • Yi Yi
  • 24 Frames
  • George Washington

Criterion Editions | Criterion Channel

157 films

Films from our Collection that are currently streaming on the Channel with their supplemental features.

View the full collection here.

  • A Matter of Life and Death
  • Tunes of Glory
  • King of Jazz
  • The Leopard
  • Charade

Technicolor | Criterion Collection

36 films

Candy-colored, lush, lurid—all words that have been used to describe the glory of Technicolor.

To add our Technicolor films to…

  • Uncut Gems
  • High Sierra
  • Devi
  • The Incredible Shrinking Man
  • Onibaba

October 2021 New Releases—Criterion Collection

6 films

This October, Adam Sandler hustles his way across New York in a brilliantly manic character study from Josh and Benny…

  • Paris Is Burning
  • Pariah
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • Death in Venice
  • The Times of Harvey Milk

Out at Criterion | Criterion Collection

40 films

From 1961's groundbreaking Victim to trailblazing modern romances, these are the LGBTQ films out on Criterion.

To add our LGBTQ…