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  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters

    threat fundamentally comes from more than the character going from safe place to new threatening place. reminds me of another Lovecraftian film called Dagon where there's almost a resonance, this kind of primal frequency that we don't understand doing it's business on us.

    Twin Peaks has a similar thing - in things like how we suddenly land on characters like they were waiting for a cue. like if we hadn't arrived they would just be vessels glitching in silence. maybe…

  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters

    mysticism of picnic @ hanging rock meets arthouse necronomicon choral argento nightmare moment, with some of the most beautiful photography horror has ever seen

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  • The Muppet Christmas Carol

    The Muppet Christmas Carol

    I don't know if it's the effect of reheated cottage pie & black coffee at 8am (wrote this earlier) after intensely editing a video essay of The Fog or if it's just the discovery of Beaker + the general wholesome gagscape - but this is everything i wanted it to be when i used to see clips of it on previews for Disney VHS tapes. It is SO WARM. I don't know if this minced beef is fully reheated through, but…

  • The Hour Before the Dawn

    The Hour Before the Dawn

    VL equipped with Poundland German accent, starting off as Scottish when talking to Mrs Hudson from Rathbone Sherlock then wavers from straight English to strong German with no change of scene/situation. Not a great performance but they did throw one or two shadows in so she'd feel @ home.

    English elites victimise a fella with anti-war thus anti-establishment values. Can't see that happening today(!). Wait, hold on.. no, it's consistant throughout history lol. As you'd imagine there were a few…