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  • The Mystery of Oberwald

    The Mystery of Oberwald


    Sometime in early 1980, one of Michaelangelo Antonioni’s children must have interrupted his dinner to tell him someone on the TV had just asked to talk to him. The matter was urgent. He must put down his fork immediately and contribute whatever he could afford to help. Shortly thereafter, following some negotiations of whether he’d prefer the Bob Ross tote bag or the Oscar the Grouch belt buckle, public broadcasting in Buffalo had secured the rights to the modernist master's…

  • The Man Who Fell to Earth

    The Man Who Fell to Earth


    Earth hours sure are long, and in the case of Nicholas Roeg’s "The Man Who Fell to Earth“, there are two and a half hours of them. So just imagine what an entire lifetime must feel like to someone who doesn't belong here and just wants to go home. It might be fair to call it interminable.

    Jerome Newton (David Bowie) has come to Earth for the singular purpose of earning enough money so he can bring water back to…

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  • Love Is Colder Than Death

    Love Is Colder Than Death


    For those not familiar with the scowling visage of Fassbinder, you’ll find him in the opening scene of his first movie, sitting in a chair, reading a newspaper with a look that seems in some sort of purgatory between irritation and boredom. He is tucked into the corner of the shot, the rest of the frame filled with empty, white space. In time he will put this space to good use by moving into it to confront, and then punch…

  • Dillinger Is Dead

    Dillinger Is Dead


    There are times in your life where you assume no one is looking. Dillinger is Dead should make you feel watched. Especially if you’ve had those secret moments where it is late and everyone is asleep and it suddenly becomes clear you are surrounded by nothing, so you just start doing things around the house to prove you’re somewhere.

    This movie is here to remind you that, no, actually you really are nowhere, so you might as well just sit…