The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

Too early to tell but this may be the best costume period film since Barry Lyndon. There's a confidence to Yorgos Lanthimos' direction that recalls a few Kubrickian flourishes like lighting the early 18th century in candlelight, his ironic employ of chapter titles and a brilliant use of fish-eye lenses to suggest the royal court's myopic and claustrophobic nature. The triad of main actors- Olivia Coleman as poor Queen Anne, Rachel Weisz as Anne's confidante and Lady of the Bedchamber Sarah (Duchess of York) Churchill, and Emma Stone as Sarah's cousin Abigail Hill from a branch of the family befallen by hard times who seeks to attain a position of aristo respectability once again- is amazing and if the history on which all of this is based escapes you- do not worry. Good acting, direction and writing will out itself and entertain you and this will almost certainly be a popular favourite at all the Hollywood awards shows. And like Barry Lyndon, it is also funny and tragic simultaneously. It's about time mainstream audiences are introduced to the greatness of Olivia Colman whose Queen Anne is at once to be ridiculed, pitied and ultimately feared.

See this on the big screen but do cover your eyes at the many scenes of vomiting that occur. Don't see this in 3-D.

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