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  • The Santa Clause 2

    The Santa Clause 2


    I’m not sure why but I like this one so much better then the first one. I think it’s because it’s Christmas the whole time where the other one is more of an origin story than Christmas. Plus I love some romance thrown in. The molly Shannon blind date really is hilarious, just a fun watch

  • Elf



    I like smiling smilings my favorite

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  • The Grinch

    The Grinch


    It’s cute...definitely made for kids so not like the best movie ever but there’s something about it that makes your heart grow three sizes I mean I cried. Definitely a fun but flawed watch

  • 12 Dates of Christmas

    12 Dates of Christmas


    Classic “it’s a wonderful life” Christmas movie where someone who doesn’t see the value in their life relives Christmas Eve. It’s the best ABC family Christmas movie, but that’s not saying much. Mark Paul Gosslin really shines and I wish there was more of him, but I get it doesn’t serve the story 
    Edit: jk the I wrote this as I was watching the last 20 minuets really sold it would recommend to watch