Hugo ★★★½

Since I watched “Hugo” for my video production class, we were forced to take random notes, so this review will be pretty different to my usual reviews.


Excellent use of focus

Impressive long shots, typical of Scorcese

Soundtrack is intriguing

Costume design makes the characters stand out and easy to memorize 

The visual worldbuilding is pretty excellent, this steampunk European world is super intriguing

Music makes it easy to realize it is France

The color blue probably means something

You can see the contrast between Hugo’s rusty
technical world and the clean happy world outside the clock. 

Why does every movie that takes place in Paris have a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.

The film has a magical aesthetic, and the CG, although a bit dated, makes the film have a fantastical feel. 

Why do the French have a Bri’ish accent 

Metropolis reference?

Really loved 

I did not expect this film to be about the history of cinema, really glad it is though

Very interesting mix of history and fiction

It is so clear to see how much Scorcese loves cinema 

Really enjoyed this film overall, very different from other Scorcese films I’ve seen.