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  • The Searchers

    The Searchers


    Truth be told, going into this rewatch of The Searchers, I was trepidatious. Would this previous obsession of mine, my favorite film above all others, still hold up? I can’t say I haven’t been immune to the negative reactions this film has sparked. More so than perhaps any other classic, many people can’t understand the film’s lofty status in film history. Just maybe, I thought, maybe, I will be devastated by how much The Searchers will no longer speak to…

  • Rocco and His Brothers

    Rocco and His Brothers


    It’s not often I come across a film like Rocco and His Brothers.

    Of the previous 236 films I’ve watched this year (a high amount I’m not used to, thanks Covid), a couple have been highly memorable, while the rest have been emblematic of me merely checking out some films that are pretty solid, forgettable, or plainly mediocre at best. In other words, a disturbingly prosaic and unadventurous litany of titles. But this one? I’ll be very surprised, and downright…

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  • The Big Boodle

    The Big Boodle


    A convoluted noir mystery shot in pre-Castro Havana. While this wasn't as dreadful as I was expecting, Errol did look bored, and frankly so was I. This is just another dud I had to endure in my quest to complete Errol's filmography. I'm tantalizingly close...

  • Taris



    I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the images of Taris swimming underwater.

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  • Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard


    I've got to tip my hat to Billy Wilder. I've generally never been an admirer of his work, but Sunset Boulevard is nigh-on impossible to dislike. It's surely, far and away, his best film.

    Gloria Swanson as an over the hill silent film diva is mesmerizing. Maybe I was too young when I first saw Sunset Boulevard, because this time I found her character's tragic delusions to be heart-wrenching to watch. As a former silent film star, Swanson brings that…

  • The Adventures of Robin Hood

    The Adventures of Robin Hood


    She's gone.

    At the grand old age of 104, Olivia de Havilland has passed away, which, to me, symbolizes the end of an era: the truly final connection who could tell us what an age was really like, knew all of its major players, and someone who experienced more than her fair share of its trials and tribulations.

    With all due respect to those actors and actresses still living from the era, none of them were as emblematic of the…