Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

Horror is my favorite genre. You can do a lot with the tropes and cliques that are a part of it. The fact that this movie calls itself a horror film is depressing. Sophia Takal took what could have been an interesting concept then abandoned it for this monstrosity. This version doesn't deserve to have the title, because it has nothing to do with the original. No connection, no ties, nothing. I wish that Mary Harron would have directed this, because I would actually be better product that this and it could give me points to talk about instead of insults. Bob Clark would frankly be mortified by how bad this is. If you are going to remake a movie, watch the original. It's best to know what you are remaking before you go and do your own thing. It's ironically released on Friday the 13th, so this is cursed. This should be taught as a case study for how not to remake a movie. As a wise man once told me, "Here's a good idea - have a POINT. It makes it SO much more interesting for the listener!" Well said.

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