The Hunt ★★★★½

Wanna see a bunch of racist, Fox News lovin' Trump fans get killed in a variety of gory ways? How about watching a bunch of wealthy, self-righteous, politically correct saps get killed off in various gory ways? Maybe watching the rich kill the poor is more your thing. Or would you prefer the poor killing the rich?

If any (or all!) of the above scenarios sound good to you, hop on The Hunt train and enjoy the carnage. It starts off running full tilt, and doesn't slow down until the credits. It's a gory splatterfest with a wicked sense of humor. The liberals are cartoonish stereotypes with guns, while the conservatives are...cartoonish stereotypes with guns! It's CNN's Crossfire by way of The Most Dangerous Game. It's beautiful.

In the end, the film doesn't care whose politics is right, and whose is wrong. It's all a big analogy about the destructiveness of the bifurcated, closed minded mob war that passes for politics in America today. But screw it. You don't need a Fat Albert style moral at the end to have a great time, and the filmmakers don't push it too hard. Take it as an allegory, or just enjoy a bunch of assholes killing each other. It works either way.

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