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  • Harold and Maude
  • Some Like It Hot
  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure
  • Return to Oz

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  • Japanese Lanterns

  • The Lady Said No

  • The Juggler of Our Lady

  • The Sunshine Makers

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  • The Last Paradises

    The Last Paradises

    I really liked this film, the editing had the potential of being distracting, but was the exact opposite. I really enjoyed the mix of still photos, archival footage, and documents. I’m a fan of films that fully explore a previous decade through the lens of a documentarian. This type of film I felt either falls into questionable revisionist history or realistic and incredibly immersive (obviously this falls into the latter).

    Interestingly, we never see Sami’s face and instead the photos…

  • Hamoody


    As of 8/20/2021 (the date of this review posting) I am the only one who has seen, reviewed and added this film onto a list (aka true king sh!t).

    First off, pro tip: Listen to the opening with headphones on low. There’s
    some VERY loud grunting noises and while it’s effective, it’s also a lot on the ears.

    This short film reminded me a lot of by Call Me By Your Name by Lil Nas X. I don’t know what…

Popular reviews

  • NavelFable


    I really enjoyed this short. The ways of depicting feeling trapped or even a type of claustrophobia is done so well in this. I’d say there’s three segments to this short, the first being the stop motion opening, then Mimi Minus with layers of nylons on her face, and finally, drawing lines onto negatives of Mimi Minus as her pictures switch from passive to active. Of these three sequences I enjoyed the first the most, as through the stop motion…

  • The Devil's Cabaret

    The Devil's Cabaret


    Due to two strip technicolor only showing reds and greens filmmakers had to figure out how to showcase the colors in the best way, hence why there are a few shorts that incorporate hell as the setting. It’s shorts like these though that make me understand why people wanted some type of film regulation in order. I wonder what this was shown before and how many letters of complaint they got from the pearl-clutchers in the audience. Personally, I like…