Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love ★★

“you american girls, when you come to italy all you want is pasta and sausage

oh to be a rich skinny white woman who can fly to italy, india, and bali on a moment’s notice and do nothing but eat, meditate, and fuck in beautiful places while finding herself. all without getting fat. oh to be julia roberts.

don’t get it twisted, i am only watching this bc i’m on a water fast and i’m hungry as fuck. not physically hungry, just mentally hungry. it’s been 7 days and i have 7 more to go, so if anyone has any recommendations of films that are just STRAIGHT-UP FOOD PORN, that will be very helpful and i wld be very grateful thank u. 

but god do i wanna recreate this movie for myself. i wld gouge myself out in italy and india. AND bali too. just all of them. god damn it. what the fuck. how can i have that life. i always proclaim that middle class white women are my mortal enemy bc they ARE. and it’s bc as much as i hate them i also want to BE THEM. god damn it. give me that life. god please give me that Eat, Pray, Love life.

“don’t you wanna give me a chance to miss you?”

god james franco was such a douchebag. as witnessed by ^that quote. also, his entire character was so unnecessary and liz’s arc surrounding him didn’t make sense whatsoever. should’ve just been abt billy crudup.

also watching this in a coronavirus world is so weird bc all i cld think abt is how everyone was in crowds and large gatherings while touching each other like the unsanitary bitches they are. crazy! can’t wait for corona to DIE so i can finally attempt to go out and live the Eat, Pray, Love life i was destined to live. THANK U. 

“do you need a xanax?”

ps: fun realization for all u tiktokkers— just realized that billy crudup is the spitting inage of jack innanen. he’s just an older version of him. in fact, his character in this film is just a version of one of jack innanen’s crazy tiktok characters. god. FUCK. my MIND. UGH. IT’s so INTELLIGENT!!! it’s so POWERFUL!!!! i cannot believe it.

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