Mistress America

Mistress America ★★★★

“that’s so cool about the frozen yogurt machine! everyone i love dies.”

i aspire to be the brooke cardinas from the first twenty minutes of this film.

as an extremely lonely girl in college, tracy’s struggle resonated w me, even though i did end up despising her midway through the film. college is just a generally lonely place so i related w her in coping w that, and i understand how she tried to live through other ppl bc of the severe lack of the ability to create her own experiences. 

i didn’t think i could love this more than Frances Ha but i almost did. loved the quick pace, loved the characters, loved the writing. also, greta gerwig is a fucking angel. 

also, lola kirke looks like bella hadid and bella hadid looks like jennifer lawrence so i’m pretty sure all three of them are actually the same single person.

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