Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby ★★★★½

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“i know you’re disappointed in me. i know you think i’m a big baby.”


i was actually supposed to see this at the laemmle in pasadena on april 30, but my dad ended up dying on april 29. so instead of seeing the sugar daddy funeral anxiety attack movie that day, i ended up having an actual anxiety attack planning my own dad(dy)’s funeral. crazy how the world works!!!!!!!!!!!

ANYWAY, my dad’s funeral is in 2 wks and i can already tell that this is exactly how the reception/after-party is gna go down (emotional-, not situation-, wise) !!!! :) esp considering that in the 5 wks since he died i’ve already had a total of two (2) extremely emotional public meltdowns in front of family, family friends, n strangers! and now w the fact that my immature unemployed gender studies/film grad ass who has lived off of my parent’s money to finance my childish leisurely lifestyle for years and is now currently being pressured to go to law/grad school is abt to be at a reception w all the elders i’ve evr known !!!!! judging me and every lifestyle choice i’ve ever/will ever make/made!!! rewatching this tonight honest to god felt like watching my future self two wks from now. i already related to this enough 6 months ago, it’s crazy how much i feel this film in my veins now. 

that being said, this film is so goddamn great and i love how much it gets me lol. can’t wait for it to be turned into an hbo show and see my fav hot internet egirl rachel sennott be new york’s baddest bitch again!!!!!! also, seeing this in a theater was honestly the happiest i’ve been in a rly long time, esp after getting to laugh w an audience again. god the rush of laughing w an audience and clapping w other ppl at the end of the film!!!!! serotonin unmatched!!!!!

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