Deadpool ★½

I'm an avid marvel movie watcher and adore all the characters and comics so I was pretty excited to actually watch Deadpool as I had to wait until it came out on DVD. And after all that build-up and peers saying how incredible and hilarious it was, I was expecting something pretty great...unfortunately that was not what I got from this film.

All the marketing and good press this film got, it distracted audiences from the fact that actually, when you take out the curse-filled, unfunny jokes, it's actually quite a crap and cliched storyline. To be completely honest I can't give a proper, detailed review of this as about 30 minutes in, I fell asleep and couldn't be bothered to try an re-watch something I already know I won't enjoy.

I was quite disappointed as they had the potential to do something really great with this film and just ruined it by putting so much emphasis on the fact that it was R rated.