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This review may contain spoilers.

Rewatched, Uncut version. There seems to be less than a minute of additional footage and it’s sex and gore so... go with this one if you have a choice. 

There are layers to peel here so a rapid rewatch was nice. All the performances are good and several are outstanding. Christopher Abbott is phenomenal. He plays four different characters, essentially - Collin, Collin possessed by Vos, Collin/Vos fusion: Vos dominant, and Collin/Vos fusion, Collin dominant. One could wonder whether the latter is a different character than Collin unpossessed; the scene outside Michael’s house when he fixes his face convinced me that your authentic self changes  when you’re sharing control of your identity and become actually depersonalized. 

The echoes and overlaps between Collin’s job invading others’ privacy on behalf of a corporation and Vos’s job literally invading others on behalf of a corporation are magnified in the sex scene between Collin and Ava. It’s deeply creepy and fascinating.

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