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  • Western


  • The City of Lost Children


  • The Spirit of the Beehive


  • Nostalgia for the Light


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  • Walkabout



    How odd that THIS is the film that gives me a window into urban Australia. I gotta add this to my film series of "siblings bond in the back country due to adult malice" along with one my all-time favorites The Night of The Hunter. I enjoyed the Stockhausen cameo, another ripe 70s soundtrack.

  • Titicut Follies

    Titicut Follies


    I watched this in a flurry of reading and listening to films about psychiatric history and probably by doing so demystified much of the appeal that "High School" held. No doubt that it's damning in its own respect, however, I was impressed by the singing and acting of the patients that the back cover of DVD tried to malign. I'm also genuinely curious about the theatrical flair of the Guard-Emcee

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  • My Brilliant Career

    My Brilliant Career


    The continual incongruity between the unkempt hair, revealing facial expressions and elegant voice of Judy Davis' Sybylla defines the engrossing nature of her character. An Australian Jane Austen tale, with that ever-so-loveable and enouraging yet alcoholic uncle lingering on the margins.

  • Days of Heaven

    Days of Heaven


    Once I recognized the striking resemblance between Linda Manz' character and my close friend Dara - both in mannerisms and worldviews - I was even more gripped and amused by her sidelining narration and charmed by the non-chalant ending . This is certainly one to rewatch for tips on how base a movie purely on visuals without much of a plan for editing.