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  • The Passion of Joan of Arc

    The Passion of Joan of Arc


    Despite being a little mentally demanding, I'm finding that writing reviews helps distract me more than most things while I try to recover. And despite this being my favorite film ever as of now (and the past few years), I've never reviewed it. Normally I like to rewatch before committing to reviewing anything, but every moment of The Passion of Joan of Arc is etched into my mind. So let's talk about it.

    I'll admit, when I first had the…

  • Bitter Lake

    Bitter Lake


    Fair warning, I'm gonna dump out all my angsts and doom in here. Don't read this if you're not in the right mindstate.


    We're living through terrible times. In various ways, especially looking globally, things have always been terrible, but it feels especially dire this year. I was fairly young, but I remember 9/11. It dominated national attention for months. I can see the ways that this single event has had consequences, shifting our way of life ever since.…

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  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    Film #91 that was recommended to me -- now subject to loose, arbitrary ranking! (Recommended by Nadia)

    There is so much going on here that writing about this film is daunting. It might not look like there is much depth, as some ridiculous story about a guy who becomes a master of the art of upskirt photography, but this isn’t just random wackiness and the 4 hours are certainly not wasted. Underneath everything else going on, it’s also a simple,…

  • Labyrinth of Dreams

    Labyrinth of Dreams


    Feeling an irresistible pull towards towards danger? Couldn't be me. Safety is really cool and underrated. I'd love to be not in danger for the rest of my life. If you get bored, read a book, play a videogame, talk to people, make something, learn a language, pet an animal, type way too many words on a movie website, the list goes on. But don't date a man who maybe kills the people he dates!

    Labyrinth of Dreams features a…

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  • 8½


    Ahh. Well, ok then. That was a lot.

    For over a decade now, has been sort of a white whale of a movie for me. I've written before about how I first got into films specifically because I liked surrealism and weird art, with stuff like Eraserhead as my entry point. Well, when researching surreal films, it's hard to miss . Yet somehow, I've gone so long without sitting down and watching this thing. There is no big reason,…

  • I Am Not Your Negro

    I Am Not Your Negro


    As I write this review, very early morning May 31st, 2020, protests are erupting in what seems to be damn near every major city in the United States. George Floyd has recently become yet another victim of police brutality, as a cop used his knee to crush Floyd's neck for almost 9 whole minutes until he died. Derek Chauvin is a murderer. The other 3 cops who watched it happen are no better. Of course, you'd hardly know that from…