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  • Jungleland



    Jungleland, directed by Max Winkler, is a formulaic, but also a pretty decent poetic journey through aimlessness. I decided to rent this film real quick, and although I wasn’t extremely impressed, I genuinely did enjoy it for the most part. The cinematography was pretty great as was the leads, they all had great chemistry that really made their interactions enjoyable. I thought the “antagonists” were extremely weak and made me feel nothing for a lot of the weight of the…

  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    Buffalo 66, directed by Vincent Gallo, gives a great portrait of a man who consistently contradicts his vulnerability. Great film, reminds me a lot of punch drunk love by PTA. The film focuses on a character who is ultimately unwanted and estranged, and is constantly faced with situations that go against his reserved nature emotionally. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Vincent Gallo, due to many kinds of discrepancies that he has been involved with, I think he does…

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  • Detachment



    Detachment, directed by Tony Hayes, explores not only the alienation from ourselves, but also the added weight of the implications of what we expect from one another, and the loneliness that embodies our day to day life. Pretty great film, Adrian Brody does a great job as the, distant, damaged, yet caring substitute teacher. I was getting worried it was going to proceed as a generic piece of work that checks the specific marks as a high-school film normally does…

  • Cherry



    "Cherry" Directed by the Russo brothers, who are known for making their mark in the MCU, decided to make a mature drama, which seems to be an attempt to distance themselves from what they are normally known for. I've never seen the films they've made for marvel, as it's not my thing, but I generally found their directing in this feature to be some of the most annoying and self indulgent direction I've seen in a while. Some of it…