The Panic in Needle Park

The Panic in Needle Park ★★★★

The Criterion Channel has been killing it lately. I started obsessing on neo-noirs a few months ago, and in July they added a collection of almost twenty films from the genre. I’ve always loved New York City films-especially from the gnarly 70s and early 80s. Yesterday, the Channel introduced a 61 film NYC collection, with 11 subcategories! (!)     (!!)

The Panic in Needle Park was a 70s NYC Pacino blind spot for me. I didn’t know that this was only Pacino’s second feature, right before his role in The Godfather! He’s not the most supportive partner here either, to be honest. There’s also a scene with some Scarface foreshadowing! Biiiiig ole mound of white stuff. Al’s heroin addict in this film lives an ascetic lifestyle compared to Tony Montana. What a batsh*t decade run he had!

This will be the ninety-seventh NYC film I’ve tagged on Letterboxd. I’m so excited to go through all the Channel’s NYC subcategories: the different boroughs, the 70s films, the thrillers, the music-centric films, etc. Hope this collection doesn’t turn into a metaphorical mound of white stuff for me!

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