Stalker ★★★★★

it is long, and it's filled with long shots, many lingering for several minutes. at the beginning, i could almost feel my brain pushing back against the static nature of this movie, but at some point i gave myself over and went along with its calm, meditative tone. it is one of those movies that, if you don't resist, can induce something like a hypnotic state with it's droning soundtrack & great images.

i watched this at home some time ago, and i definitely feel like it plays much better as a theatre experience. that's true of almost any movie of course, but i think it's particularly true here, so if the chance presents itself, i think it's worth taking the time to see the newly restored version that's making its way around right now.

many of tarkovsky's films are streaming on youtube or elsewhere - legitimate streams put there by the movie studio, not pirated versions.

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