Speed ★★★½

Dun dun dun dun dun dun 
Dun dun dun dun dun dun 

Quite possibly my favourite Keanu film and one of the “forgotten” gems of the 90’s. Not that it’s obscure or anything but I don’t think it gets its just deserve. 

Maybe the best premise for an action movie I can think of, as it innately lends itself to nonstop thrills. The intensity is well-executed and never lets up, the action is constantly entertaining, and the performances and tone are 90’s in the best way possible.

Bullock plays a strong female character somewhat ahead of her time for the genre and - while I get the feeling some people might not like how boisterous she is - I actually love her. She and Keanu might give slightly campy performances, but they share a genuine chemistry as at the time of filming they each wanted to bone the other. 

Dennis Hopper plays an off-beat and eccentric villain, which helps give the film that extra bit of entertainment value. He’s not a villain for the ages or anything but he’s more than serviceable and even quite memorable. 

Speed might not be as iconic The Matrix or as popular as the John Wick movies, but it has the perfect blend of nostalgia, cheese, and legitimate heart-pounding sequences. Plus the score is lowkey one of my favourites of any action movie, if not any movie from any genre. It’s simple, effective, and it gets in your head. 

Also, if you want to turn it into a fun drinking game, take a shot every time Keanu chews gum, and take 2 every time he chews gum upside down. You’ll be dead before the inciting incident.

Basically, it’s Die Hard on a bus.

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