• The Bad News Bears

    The Bad News Bears


    Sweet and free. Nice ending.

  • The New Centurions

    The New Centurions


    A bit cheesy at times.

  • Across 110th Street

    Across 110th Street


    Yaphet Kotto, what a powerhouse, RIP.
    Good film.

  • County Lines

    County Lines


    Felt like an educational film for teens to watch. None the worse for it.

  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle

    The Friends of Eddie Coyle


    Gritty and downbeat 70s crime. Pretty good if you like that kind of thing; initially the ending disappointed but thinking about it I got to like it. A rewatch may be in order some time. Robert Mitchum looks quite tubby.

  • Hunted



    Run of the mill. Presumably her red coat is meant to evoke Red Riding Hood, but I wouldn't read too much into that, other than lazy writing. Also, how many films have a chase scene in woods where the victim is about to be caught and suddenly a cliff appears with a running river below it?

  • My Octopus Teacher

    My Octopus Teacher


    When I was young I was on holiday in Turkey and spent hours spearfishing octopus. I feel bad about that as they are sensitive and intelligent creatures. I've also eaten tons of grilled octopus tentacles in Greece - very very tasty.

  • Reunion



    Hard work, ambiguous but interesting, with a freakout ending.

  • Mindhorn



    You can't handcuff the wind
    If you try it's gonna fail
    It's like trying to put thunder in jail

  • Another Fine Mess

    Another Fine Mess


    'Call me a cab.'
    'You're a cab.'

  • Troy



    The first two thirds are pretty good, falls slightly flat at the end. Or maybe it's only any good until Eric Bana stops being in it. Still, nice try at an epic, even if it messes with the source material.

  • Out of the Past

    Out of the Past


    Best noir I've ever seen, pitch perfect. Mitchum and Douglas are fantastic. Everybody involved is. Seems like A History of Violence owes this a nod.