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  • The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey

    The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey


    My written article: www.diegesismagazine.com/lessonsfromthepast.html

    This is an amazing artistic metaphorical film with an amazing concept that should be a masterpiece but little continuity problems get in the way...
    I shan't get into too much detail, 1) because spoilers, 2) because I might be writing an article comparing this to Covid 19.
    So maybe look out for that if this is the film I decide to go with (it probably will be ). I'll make sure to link it in this review if and when its written/published.

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  • The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

    The Twelve Tasks of Asterix


    Didn't like it personally but nothing really bad, its just very of its time and therefore quite dated.

  • Infernal Affairs

    Infernal Affairs


    I'm struggling to fine a place to start with this film. Amazing idea, done almost to perfection. This film is very engaging and has a very Asian editing style to how it was made that reminded me a lot of things like Death Note (the anime) but also some Chinese films like The Wandering Earth, it wouldn't surprise me if this film influenced them in there own way. This could easily put western audiences off but I personally like this…

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  • Elena



    Wow. Slapped in the face with a whole bunch of depression.
    Visually beautiful, and its editing helps with its really morbid story.

    Right gotta watch something to lift my mood now, just going to give this 5 stars and say go watch it.

  • I Want to Get Into the Movies!

    I Want to Get Into the Movies!

    Just going through Edger Wright's filmography. Very interesting to see how he started. This came with an interview with young Edger Wright.
    Nice comic relief sketch. Not going to get a rating from me as there really isn't much to rate and he was just starting out.