Shockproof ★★½

Douglas Sirk's Shockproof is the fourth film in the Sam Fuller Indicator box-set. Fuller was one of the writers on the film, Helen Deutsch was the other. Deutsch (who wrote National Velvet) is apparently blame for the ending. And wow is she to blame. Shockproof has a properly awful ending, a film destroying ending (just about). However, the rest of the film is mostly worth a watch. A noir-romance about a woman recently out of prison (Patricia Knight) and her parole officer (Cornel Wilde). Knight is glamorous and cool; Wilde is Wilde. I have liked Cornel Wilde. He was a solid actor, he was solid director. His film The Naked Prey is a pretty interesting, rather unique work.

Sirk's direction is steamy and fairly lurid. A film of stockings, mirrors and closed doors. While Fuller's script is tough noir. They don't mix, so much as glance off one-another. An enjoyable mix of styles.

Shockproof is a 2 hour plot in a 79 minute film. It moves quickly, with plenty of fun moments, but blows the ending. Ultimately a likeable mixed bag of entertainment.

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