Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★½

To start with, I'm going to admit that I have generally low standards for zombie movies, because some of the best and funniest are some of the dumbest, low budget movies out there. But this was up there with 28 Days Later and Night of the Living Dead.
It was funny in all the right places, deeply emotional in others, and well acted and well written. Tig Notaro was a brilliant addition to the cast, taking on what must have felt like a mammoth task. And the scenes between Scott and Kate as estranged father and daugther felt poignant and more meaningful when you consider the death of Snyder's daughter.
All in all, great zombie movie, great action movie, great Snyder movie, and I do recommend it. George Romero would be proud.
Also, I love Tig Notaro, I cannot overstate this.