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  • Jigsaw



    The “game” literally starts three minutes into the movie. It doesn’t waste much time getting into what you came here to see. It’s some fun stuff, and I think it’s a definite improvement over some of the movies in this franchise. There’s wild traps, an actual budget, some impressive gore, some real bad pieces of meat trapped in a “game,” and a twist and timeline that is just so ridiculous that I literally couldn’t explain if I tried. I liked…

  • Saw 3D

    Saw 3D

    It’s genuinely the worst and funniest parts of every single entry that’s come before it. It’s almost a complete fart of a “finale.” The only good thing it manages to offer me throughout its 91 minute runtime is Jigsaw in his backwards baseball cap disguise. I’m not sure that I’m even disappointed with this, because after watching all of these in a row... it feels good to watch a comedy. 

    Note: Very brave of this “finale” to suggest that there…

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  • Saw



    This is a very creative and entertaining film. I think it has held up pretty well for the most part. I’ve seen it before and the mystery is still pretty engaging. I love the low drone that is pretty much present for the entire film. I hate and love the editing at the same time. It’s a great little confined thriller that I’m sure won’t be turned into one of the most confusing, over the top, and hilariously complicated film franchises of all time...

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    There’s literally nothing more exciting to me than when I watch a movie and genuinely enjoy every single moment... so yeah. Immediate five stars... would give it more if I could.