• The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist


    It's entertaining, it's funny. I enjoyed it. Does absolutely no justice to the original book, or even the point of the book. The book shows you the inner workings of Tommy Wiseau's madhouse and dealing with the man himself, the way Greg Sestero experienced it- the movie is like the 1990s Disney animated movie version. It's a sanitized, watered-down, cute-ified version of the book. It's the Disney's Pochahontas version of the book. I guess James Franco really felt proud of…

  • Stoned


    It just isn't as stupid as I wanted it to be! It's stupid and full of every cliche I expected (and wanted), I had a couple of laughs, don't get me wrong- but it just isn't stupid enough to be consistently entertaining. The worst thing you can possibly be is boring. I did appreciate the female lead being named Felicity and making an issue out of how much she hates her name when the actress's real name is "Largo", and…

  • Xanadu



    Thoroughly entertaining and completely bonkers. I have no idea what's going on. It's wonderful. It's like a candy-sweet, glitter-covered musical version of Un Chien Andalou. Somehow becomes even more infinitely entertaining if you get drunk enough to successfully imagine it's a sequel to The Warriors and a follow-up to Michael Beck's character from it.

    God really does love us.

  • Stripes



    This is not as funny as I remember it being. Damn. That's a real kick up the ass. It's not that it isn't funny at all, I just realized I was a lot quieter than I was the first time I watched it years ago. A lot of the jokes really fall flat. Some are kinda nasty.

    I do still love Bill Murray's performance, and the Razzle Dazzle sequence is still just as good as it was the first time. I'd say I still like it, for what it is. It's Stripes! Aaaauuughhhhrrrrrmy training, sir!

  • Street Trash

    Street Trash


    I liked the cat and the Family Value Italian-American Twink they had to get because they couldn't afford Ralph Macchio.

  • Arise! SubGenius Recruitment Film #16

    Arise! SubGenius Recruitment Film #16


    You only acquire Slack once you rate this five stars on Letterboxd.

    "Bob" is a sensitive soul. "Bob" was the original "himbo". Stare into the screen, black out, and do make sure you wake up with your $35 on its way! Or...or else!

  • Showgirls



    I like the worm lady on the poster.

  • The Thirteenth Floor

    The Thirteenth Floor


    ...well *I* liked it...

  • Naqoyqatsi


    A massive, clumsy, preachy disappointment with zero tact or impact beyond cheap shock. The existence of this film makes me embarrassed to love the original Koyaanisqatsi as much as I do.

  • Johnny Got His Gun

    Johnny Got His Gun


    I read the book first- or, tried to. I can't remember much of it because I think my mind is actively trying to repress the memories, I just remember feeling like a husk while reading it, and once I was finished with it.

    The film feels different from the book in some ways. Not that it matters, because I wanted to curl up and disappear while watching it too! I highly recommend this to masochists and anyone who feels like…

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    It's fun and I like it for all the reasons everyone else does.

    But after watching this, and also having read Sol Yurick's novel The Warriors, it really hits home why he was driven to write the novel at all. West Side Story is a ridiculous pantomime interpretation of the reality of street gangs of the mid-20th century. Yurick had lived among, and seen the reality, of street gangs, and the class struggle that was paired with it. West Side…

  • In a Heartbeat

    In a Heartbeat


    Uhh. Well, it's certainly "cute".

    I've lamented there being little to absolutely zero cute, uplifting, lighthearted gay media out there, especially for younger audiences. I always felt miserable growing up a gay kid swamped in gay media that was either extremely sexual and adult, or just coated with trauma and torment. So in a way, that kind of makes this short's existence kind of special- parting the infinite sea of "gay misery" films. Hope it does something for this generation…