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  • Soul



                                Life is the purpose 

    A journey through the human psyche, our yearnings, anxieties, our deepest and darkest fears and the purposes of life. Add to that the theme of life after death, culturally different within each type of society and always discussed with caution and the mission of each one in the universe. All of this in a cinematographic style that keeps Pixar at the highest level:…

  • Rope



    When Nietzsche Wept and Thanos rejoiced

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  • Entr'acte



    René Clair's incendiary iconoclasm

    ⚰️ 🐫 🎢 

    A cannon that appears in the first scene of the film, elucidating the deconstruction and destruction of the conventional model of films that René Clair wanted to achieve. An avant-garde film par excellence, bordering on classic experimentalism.

    A camera that films the scene of a city upside down, with small toy dolls suffering a close-up, only to appear as withered figures that lose their characterization. Soon, each one's head explodes.

    The figure of…

  • Return to Reason

    Return to Reason


    Every act of creation is also an act of destruction

    Considered as one of the first films belonging to the Dada movement, propelling Surrealism, with an illogical, anti-rational and anti-matter character.

    Construction and epileptic deconstruction of objects, which give an idea of ​​imminent destruction, which serves, at the end of the short film, to bring the image of a naked woman's torso, which gives the feeling that her appearance was the result of a absurd decomposition process.

    The title of the film can be read in a tone of irony, since Man Ray's pure cinema basically opposed the reason and logic of conventional films.

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  • Metropolis



    Deep beneath the earth lay the city of the workers

    Welcome my son, Welcome to the Machine

    Classic Mise en Scène and embryonic of the genre movie-dystopia, with the machines mixing with the workers, huddled together in one unit, as if they were just factory slaves and a number without their own identity. Crestfallen, watching the futuristic city take over the film's setting, workers are the bottom and marginalized layer of an unrestrained urbanization process.

    Contrary to what Chaplin did…

  • The Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush


    The Chaplin Cut

    Then came the parting of the Ways. One to his secret mine. The other to his fate.

    Based on the Donner Party tragedy (a group of pioneers heading to california, to discover and explore new lands), resulting in a horrific result, with travelers being trapped in the Sierra Nevada blizzard, having to resort ultimately to the the practice of cannibalism in order to survive, Chaplin again demonstrates his versatility, mixing the genre of comedy, with its classic…