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  • Boss Level

    Boss Level


    I mean, this is bad, yes, but I enjoyed parts of it. Carnahan’s sense of humor continues to rankle, but he’s really quite good at orchestrating mayhem and keeps things moving at a swift pace. Wish it were better, although nothing could save it from being a beat-for-beat rehash of Edge of Tomorrow.

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    #feminism baybeeeee

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  • Mindhunters



    'I guess we figured out his weakness. Bullets.'

    Bless you LL Cool J.

  • Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets

    Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets


    Effortlessly captures both the appeal of the neighborhood dive bar and the low-grade depression, that very specific malaise that accompanies becoming a drunk. I’ve been sober for over two years, but not a week goes by that I don’t reminisce about my old stomping grounds (Parrots Bar for any of you familiar with Chicago). A beautiful elegy.