Nobody's Fool ★★★★½

Wow.. I remember the year this came out, and the Oscar ceremony to boot. Everyone was just gobsmacked by Letterman, I was 12 and loved every minute of his hosting.

Nobody's Fool was on the list of films that year that, for obvious reasons, didn't catch my attention. I'm glad ive reached the age where the story would appeal to me, and boy does it ever.

Newman here is dynamite, joined with a damn near perfect, and solidly 90s ensemble cast to include Griffith, Tandy, Willis, Taylor-Vince, PSH, Walsh and Bosco, good Lord.

Griffith and Willis btw are my MVPs in this one. Had last seen her in Pacific Heights, but here she has that breathless alure that everyone lived her for, and Willis, putting in work and giving a DAMN. Fuck its fun to actually see him emote once in awhile.

These Capra-esque films with edge are dead today, the prints of HBO and Netflix all over it's throat. This would be an 8 part mini-series that Clooney would produce, star in and then be talked about for a few months and forgotten.

Truthfully, this films life has had a somewhat quiet existence, but damn, still waters run deep, because I absolutely loved it. A new favorite.