I've been watching old movies since I was 13.
I'm a Western's expert (40s and 50s).
My favorite director is John Ford.

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  • The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

    The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp



    Through a dip in the Turkish bath, the british soldier Clive immerses himself -literally- in his memories of 40 years of life under the banner of gallantry, at war (his romantic belief that war is won by the righteous) as well as in friendship (whereby he renounces the love of his life).

    Frankly, I've watched it a couple of times these days and I think it's among the greatest movies ever made.
    It's extraordinarily strange in the approach…

  • The Philadelphia Story

    The Philadelphia Story


    «You’re far and away your favorite person in the world»
    Cary Grant to Katherine Hepburn

    On the eve of her second marriage, a high-class woman finds herself courted by socially opposite men: a reporter, her former husband and her future husband.

    The definitive comedy! Masterpiece in the lightness and elegance of humor but most of all in the sophisticated elaboration of the script.
    The social framework outlines many aspects among the protagonists: prejudices, social and personal value, alcohol used as…

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  • The Magnificent Ambersons

    The Magnificent Ambersons


    Romantic saga of nineteenth-century love and pride with a dark and oppressive tone that accentuates the morbid possessive son / mother relationship.
    Long sequence shots with shadowy figures at the center of the scene - what about the love letter read in the dark of which we can only glimpse the glittering tear-laden eyes of the reader Isabel ?!

    As in Citizen Kane, wealth is a deceptive measure of serenity that suddenly shatters in the face of existential dilemmas. A…

  • A Distant Trumpet

    A Distant Trumpet


    1964 is a crucial year for the Western. A watershed.
    In that year, while the two most representative examples of Western purity ventured into their latest effort -John Ford with Cheyenne Autumn and Raoul Walsh with this A Distant Trumpet- Sergio Leone begin his innovative Dollar trilogy.
    Surely a coincidence ... but an era was over. The genre would still have something to say but I have never followed it with the same enthusiasm.

    This A Distant Trumpet, like the…

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  • Out of the Past

    Out of the Past


    This is by far the most smoked movie ever made in Hollywood. I didn't remember how much cigarettes contributed to creating a hypnotic, corrupt but at the same time sensual, atmosphere.
    Not only. The characters themselves, while smoking, outline their strengths and are characterized, too, thanks to this.
    When Mitchum first meets the Femme Fatale in Acapulco she is the one who smokes and he, incredibly, doesn't. He watches her submissively.
    But there are cigarettes that imply many other aspects.…

  • To Have and Have Not

    To Have and Have Not


    Planned to be a remake of Casablanca, which Hawks deviate a lot from, it maintains the same political scenario in which Bogart isn't interested in and don't wants to take part in.
    The propaganda of the movie, however, clearly invites us to take a position in the war that was still underway, making Bogart look like a reckless indifferent to the problems of others, at least until he is touched by them himself.
    Bogart and Bacall at the first flirt…